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Dog Walking Etiquette: warning, kind of a rant

I am going to do my best not to sound like an angry old man while typing this public service rant. But no promises.

Train your dog obedience!

To the little dog owners:

Housewives of Orange County, WHY must you let you little dog go ballistic on a retractable leash one foot away from my big dog? WHY???? Besides being inconsiderate and rude, what do you think it teaches big dogs? Being exposed to little things that curse you out every time you pass might make you want to kill those little things. And guess what…if my big dog did that to you and your little fluff ball of perfection, you would look at me like I was a child molester. Seriously, I know you would. So please, get Prada as close to you as possible when you know she is going to be a straight up asshole when I walk by. And get some training will you? The whole neighborhood would appreciate not hearing her shriek every time she sees a dog within a half mile.

orange county dog obedience

To the people who let their dog approach without asking:

We raise children with the knowledge that they must ask before approaching a strange dog. Somehow, this concept is lost on dog owners. Look, if I am walking straight ahead, avoiding eye contact, have my dog on the opposite side of you, and am not slowing down as I approach you, you can bet I have no wish to let your 100lb Bruno charge up to my old dog who will likely bite him in the face for that charge. Please, just ask. That’s all. Not all dogs want to hang out with all other dogs. That’s right, my old dog does NOT want your puppy in his face. If you were seventy years old would you want a sixteen-year old kid slamming into you? I didn’t think so. The street, harbor, and beach path are not dog parks so please stop treating them like one.

That’s all for now.

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