The Story of OC Dog Ranch

OC Dog Ranch was born out of a very simple idea - that dogs thrive in a natural, outdoor setting where they can run and explore. Since 2016, we’ve offered a one-of-a-kind facility where dogs can be dogs while learning advanced off leash Obedience skills. Hundreds of dogs have become OC Dog Ranch graduates and now enjoy a happier life with their families thanks to the skills they learn in training with us. Our clients come from all over California including many from out of state because of our unique outdoor setting. The first thing most people say when they visit it "wow its so quiet". While we may have 5 acres, we take only a small amount of dogs at a time and have a high staff to dog ratio to ensure that the dogs get plenty of exercise and attention during their stay.


What makes us different?

Most traditional kennels you will find are just that ... concrete kennels. Often built in warehouses or industrial areas, most have limited outdoor areas and can have as many as 30+ dogs running in groups together. OC Dog Ranch provides a natural landscape for dogs to have fun and explore nature without being in a crowded building.


Splash Pool

Dogs stay cool all summer long with multiple trips into our 1 foot deep splash pool.

Hand Selected Play Groups

We keep our play groups small, generally 6-8 dogs per group and constantly move them around our ranch so they spend the day exploring new areas.


Seasonal Stream

In addition to various areas to hike around the ranch, we have a seasonal stream that runs through our property which is always a hit with our training dogs.

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