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Protect Your Dogs Feet This Summer

The beginning of summer means lots of fun new adventures to take your dog out on. Whether its walking down the beach or hiking off trail, Southern California has endless places to go adventure with your pet. Unfortunately many dog owners are spoiled by our year-around mild temperatures and forget that with summer time comes the inevitable heat wave. Higher temperatures, even near the beach, mean owners need to be aware of how hot pavement and trails can be on our 4 legged friend’s paws.

Even on a 77 degree day, in direct sun the asphalt can reach temperatures of 125 in the afternoon! If its 87 degrees out, the sidewalks you are walking your pet down are likely to be 143 degrees! 

A few tips to keep your dog’s paws free of burns

  1. Hike in the cooler temperatures of early morning or late evening time.

  2. Even dirt or sand paths may become overly heated … always check the temperature of where you are walking your dog by placing your hand on the pavement for 30 seconds. If its too hot for your hand, its too hot for your dog! 

  3. If you have to walk across potentially hot pavement such as to go into a store, try and park nearer the entrance and hurry across the surface as quickly as possible. Look around for potentially shaded routes to get where you want to go.

  4. Watch for signs that your dog is overheating or potentially uncomfortable. When a dog’s feet are overly hot, they will sometimes limp or display an awkward gait, walk hurriedly and/or pant excessively.

  5. Look into getting breathable booties for your dog if you have to be out on potentially hot pavement. HiPaws Breathable Mesh Booties are a great option for protecting your dogs feet in the summer!

  6. Mushers Secret is a topical creme that helps strengthen your dogs pads. This is a great thing to add to your exercise routine to help toughen up your dogs pads.

  7. Consider a 4 wheel pet stroller for your small breed dog such as this one. Not to be forgotten, larger breed dogs can Get around and avoid hot pavement in a fancy stroller as well made just their size!

  8. Change up locations! Look for trails with lots of shade cover or search out an open grassy park to take your dog to play.

We hope you will keep the above tips in mind while still enjoying time out with your dog this summer! If you are looking for the ultimate dog boarding and training destination in Southern California, find out more about our unique facility by clicking on OC Dog Ranch. 

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