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Services and Pricing

Boarding Price List

The OC Dog Ranch is a 5 acre facility nestled a short drive up Ortega Highway in the Cleveland National Forest. We are approximately 20 minutes east of San Juan Capistrano from the 5 Freeway. Our fully fenced 5 acre property provides a spacious area for dogs to enjoy running, playing and exploring. We truly are a facility you can feel good about leaving your dog at. All dogs are assigned to a play group that fits them and our skilled staff comprised of trainers and dog professionals monitor, exercise, and make sure everyone is safe during play time. Unlike a traditional boarding facility, the dogs here are thoroughly  exercised and played with throughout the day. We have several amazing play spaces including a 1/2 acre covered artificial turf play field and a 1 foot deep splash pool designed just for the dogs. Our dogs spend most of their day time outside playing and exploring the ranch, with only short breaks inside for Breakfast, Dinner and a short nap period in the middle of the day.

An additional perk of our personalized ranch is a last play session ‪from 9pm to 10 pm. We don’t expect our own dogs to “hold it” for twelve hours at a time and we certainly don’t expect that of our students. Our last play/potty break ensure your pup isn’t uncomfortable while inside overnight. We have staff on site ‪24/7 so if your pet requires additional potty times during the night we are sure to make sure that their needs are always taken care of. Due to the limited number of dogs we accept we often have a long wait list for summer and holiday reservations so we highly recommend making your reservations 1-2 months in advance for peak times.    


General Boarding

If you have never trained with us but think your pup would have a blast at the ranch, the cost for boarding is $70 per night. Boarding fees are charged by the night and check out time is 11am.


OC Dog Ranch Alumni

Once your pet has completed a boot camp program with us, they enjoy a discounted rate of $60 per night for boarding. Boarding fees are charged by the night and check out time is 11am.


Separated Dog Rate

If your dog wants to experience the ranch but cannot be in the main play groups, we offer a separated dog rate. Please see our FAQ page to see if your dog would be a good fit for the Separated Dog Rate.

Additional Boarding Policies and Services

Please note that due to high demand, we have a holiday rate increase of 50% on the following holidays – Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, ‪4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. The 50% increase only applies to that day of the holiday so if your dog had a 5 day boarding stay over thanksgiving, an additional $35 would be added for the day of the holiday. If it was a training dog over a holiday, an additional $100 would be added for the day of that holiday. Estimates for stays are sent out 2-3 weeks prior to your stay and fees are due on drop off. 

Pick up and Drop Off times: 

Drop off times are between the hours of ‪9am and ‪3pm to give your dog the best chance to acclimate to the ranch. Pick up on the day of departure is ‪between 9am and 11am. Similar to a hotel there is a late check out fee if after ‪11am ($35 if picked up before ‪2pm and $70 if picked up after ‪2pm). The latest pick up time is ‪5:00 pm. Check out times only apply to boarding dogs.


Baths are free with a 10 day stay or available for an additional $50 fee before your pet goes home.


Veterinary transportation is available during your pets stay if needed.


We currently offer discounts for military, police, fire fighters and veterans. We also offer 2nd-dog discounts for our training programs, extended stay discounts, and discounts for dogs who complete a full package of in home private training lessons with us.

Boot Camp Program Options

Training goals are fully tailored to each individual dog. If you'd like to more information on our boot camp programs, we will set you up with a phone consult with a trainer to go over your training goals and find the right program for you. Each boot camp program includes private training lessons to ensure that the training transfers back to the owner. We also provide a variety of support to ensure you are successful with your dog after they go home. Boot camp dogs enjoy all the same fun and play during their stay, but also get off property field trips to test their obedience in a variety of settings. Boot Camps tend to book up 1-2 months in advance during peak times (summer/holidays) so we highly recommend making reservations early to lock in your training spot.


In Home Private Training

Due to the high demand for our boot camp programs, we have begun offering in home private training lessons for dogs too young to come to our boot camp or dogs who have sociability issues that make them unable to come to the ranch. These 3 lesson packages are tailored to cover any issues the owner may be having while teaching all the basic obedience covered in our boot camps. Dogs who complete a full set of lessons enjoy 10% off a later boot camp program.


Companion Dog

Our popular 12 day Companion Dog Boot Camp has transformed many pets from unruly to off leash. Dogs will learn a solid understanding of obedience during distractions (sit, down, stay, heel, place, and more including beginning off-leash come command). Once the initial training is completed at the ranch, your dog will go on at least three training field trips off property to proof the training in real life scenarios. You will need to continue the training instructions that we give you and follow through with commands when your pup goes home so the training we put in sticks. Traditionally easier breeds to train (Shepherds, Retrievers, American Pit Bull Terriers) will be further progressed than traditionally tougher breeds (Siberian Huskies, Shiba Inus, Dachshunds, Akitas etc.)

Depending on trainability, many dogs will be able to complete off leash training within 12 days or within the lessons that follow. Each Companion Dog Program comes with 3 follow up training lessons done to ensure the training helps transfer to the owner. 


Advanced Companion Dog

Our Advanced Companion Dog Program is a 17 day immersive training camp that is perfect for dogs who have more severe behavior issues (fears/anxiety/aggression) or for owners who want a more finished off leash trained dog. This program includes 5 private lessons with a trainer upon completion training camp.
Our goal in the 17 day Advanced Compaion Dog Program is advancing to high distraction training situations, off-leash training complete, and at least four training field trips to highly distracting environments (Dana Point Harbor, shopping centers, hiking trails, Home Depot etc.) will be completed. The 17 day program is perfect if you want the kind of dog you can take off leash and in public or if you are working more serious behavioral issues (fears/anxiety/aggression).


Master Dog

Our 22 day Master Dog Program is our most advanced course. In our Master Dog course we focus on proofing commands to the highest distractions. Your dog will receive the multiple trips off property to test their training in a public setting and will be exposed to multiple situations where he/she will need to demonstrate self-control and poise. The Master dog is also perfect for tougher breeds, dogs with aggression/fears/anxiety or dogs who have failed training elsewhere and need more immersive training techniques. The 22 day Master Dog Program comes with 8 private follow up training lessons to be completed after the dog goes home.

Sign Up Now!

If you ready to find out more, read our Frequently Asked Questions or email us a short bio about your dog and training goals and we can get the sign up process started.

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