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Our Favorite Boredom Busters for Dogs

Long hours at work mean you’ve got to come up with new ideas to keep your pet engaged and happy while your away. Or perhaps you are potty training your puppy so its spending time in its crate or pen and needs toys that curb unwanted behavior. Obviously there is no replacement for taking your dog out for some good old fashion exercise but if you need something to entertain your pet, these are our favorite go-to boredom busters!


Raw carrots are full of beta-carotene and Vitamin A yet are low calorie so they are a healthy snack for puppies and adult dogs alike. RedBarn Company wrote an awesome blog called the Top 5 Reasons to Include Carrots in your Dogs Diet  if you need more convincing on why this is a great boredom buster and healthy snack for your dog.


Filled Marrow Bones come in a variety of flavors and both 3″ and 6″ sizes. For my own large dogs (Rottweilers) I love the 6″ sizes. When the dogs eat all the filling out, they are easy to refill with peanut butter or kong filler from the store. I prefer Red Barn brand which is typically available on Amazon. You can find them by clicking here.


For a great outdoor boredom buster, consider investing in a Jolly Ball for your dog. These large balls are fun for dogs to swing around and chase and dogs seem to love their huge size! They are affordably priced but have great longevity due to their material. You can find them online here!


Puzzles for dogs! Yes that’s a real thing. And there are a ton to choose from online or in store. The idea is to hide the dog’s treats in little compartments and the dog has to figure out how to get the compartments to open. Some are shaped like a ball or cube that the dog has to roll to release its treats. You can find puzzles at various price points including ones similar to the one featured left by clicking here.


Bully Sticks are like magic for dogs! They go crazy for them and they have great longevity compared to many treats you’ll give your pet. My dogs who are fairly aggressive chewers typically take 30-45 minutes to finish a bully stick while my small dog will typically take 1-2 days. I typically find the best deal on them is buying the 12 inch Bull Sticks from Costco and cutting them down to 6 inch sections. You can find Bully Sticks online by clicking here! Just be sure to read the reviews as some on the market are not as thick and therefore don’t last as long.


Whimzee’s are one of my favorite dental chews to give to my dogs. Aside from the marrow bones, it helps keep their teeth clean and they take awhile to chew so it keeps them fairly entertained. You can find Whimzee’s in a variety of sizes and shapes … I prefer this variety here. 


Nylabone in a company that has been around a long time. They have a huge product line available so there is a texture and type for every type of chewer. If you’ve ever done a private training lesson with me I’ve most likely recommended their Puppy Starter Package or a variety package to start out. My own dogs use their Durachew product line which is a great value for dogs who are destructive chewers.

These are just a few of the products we use to keep our dogs happy while we are away. Other alternatives are using a dog walking service or doggy daycare. Do you have something your dog LOVES and could spend hours playing with? Drop us a comment below and share your favorite boredom busters for dogs!

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